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The Library's works help you form alternative thoughts so that you can live a self-sovereign, truly healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


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The Library's works help you form alternative thoughts so that you can live a self -sovereign, truly healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

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Dynamis Library

The Library's is a growing collection of articles, printable worksheets, workbooks, recipes and audio recordings created to teach you about Heilkunst and deepen your natural healthcare practice.


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Inside, you will find a sprouting assortment of works covering  holistic topics that will help you take charge of your wellness and live a truly self-sovereign and sustainable life, such as:

Heilkunst Medicine
Dynamic Nutrition

Cellular Hydration
Cleansing & detoxification
Peaceful sleep

Therapeutic Movement
Mind-Body Medicine

The Dynamis Library is designed as a guided mentorship learning experience. You can choose to browse through various on demand content liberally or you can follow along, each lesson, that covers an exciting, inspiring and practical topic.

The Dynamis Library is divided into
3 Sections: 


Written works helping impact and accelerate your results, amplifying powerful and insightful energy. 

Here, you will experience a transformative process that takes you deep down into your unconscious mind and through a simple and etheric (lively) education process. 

This section is designed and organized to take you through a structured, yet free-flowing, mentorship exercises that open you up to whole healing. 


Empowerment is an inside job that occurs through self-actualization.

To be of service to you, we're developing tools that can guide students and initiates on this narrow path to conscious evolution.

Self-development Charts & Workbooks, Eat Dynamically Insights, Healing Protocols, Ritual Checklists, Homeopathic Flow-charts, Remedy grids and more. 



To be moved, you need in-sight (a deep internal magnifying glass) and motive-for-action (motivation).

These audio recordings are made to stimulate the will forces through a different bird's eye view that awakens your self-sovereign archetype.

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