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Current Offers

The Dynamis 
Apprentice Masterclass

A certificate course containing a series of powerful educational modules, video trainings and workbooks - all designed to help you make conscious, empowered and confident natural healthcare decisions.

Includes a lifetime access pass to this ever-evolving series + a private Study Hall.

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The Dynamis Transformis Mentorship Program

Get the best of ALL worlds here - this  individualized 1:1 mentorship program will give you the depth you need to make the life-altering health changes you want, making sure the lessons are everlasting.

Includes all Dynamis signature courses, personalized sessions + weekly check-ins.

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Eat Dynamically
Video Course

By learning to read food energetics and truly understanding how your metabolism works, you'll stop stressing about diet and know exactly what to eat to heal.

Become in tune with food again!

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Business Session 

This session involves a 2-hour (in-person or virtual) conscious look at your business and where it's headed.

Need guidance for seeing and knowing your next best steps?

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The Dynamis Library Membership

Inside, you'll learn about Heilkunst and find Homeopathic remedy charts, dynamic nutrition recipes, life coaching workbooks, natural health protocols, inspirational audio recordings and more.

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Homeopathy Reawakened

Homeopathy, when taught using a Heilkunst perspective, takes on a different life! Learn how to use Homeopathy for first aid, emotional wellness and trauma care.

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Inner Piece

Learn the inner piece to inner peace! Return to the present, look inside and find the awareness that your soul holds the key to emotional well-being. Reconnect with your still-presence.

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