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Whole health IS possible and the journey must be grounded in GROW-ledge!

When it comes to our health…

We tend to think,


By way of example, I’ve mentored many high performers who are struggling to be at the top of their game. Often, it's because of a lack of profound knowledge; there’s a difference between superficially “knowing” what to do and “KNOWING” what to do (and acting on it). Or, perhaps it's caused by burnout - evolved by continuously putting your own needs last.

The problem is, forgetting to prioritize yourself always leads to an eventual breakdown of your health, work and relationships.

That’s why a huge part of my work is teaching you how to reconnect with your inner wisdom; to use what you have already learned about self-care and, then add to that, the missing pieces - so that you can learn to respect your body once again...inside/out.

Essentially, it's about loving yourself HEALTHY by way of whole healing (or "Heilkunst"). This means developing a more intimate knowledge (hence GROW-ledge) and restoring the mind-body connection, permanently.

Or, in other words:

Knowing what (and how) to eat, drink, move and sleep…and finding it EASY and SECOND NATURE.  

Learning NOT to say “yes” to everything, running yourself ragged and depriving yourself of self-care.

Knowing which natural remedies to use (and when) - confidently, for ANYTHING. 

Understanding your body and your emotions so that they become your power tools.


3 Realms of Heilkunst:

Together, during our 1:1 personalized mentorship sessions, we'll explore 3 Key Areas:

Dynamic Regimen

The knowledge + the mindset tools you need to follow a completely optimal,
dynamic diet & lifestyle for whole healing.

This is the program you want, if you need me to:

  • Physically look in your pantry and take you step by step through what to eat and when.

  • Help you reprogram your brain into going to bed at a healthy time (and/or how to get the deepest sleep).

  • Teach you how to move for your body type and maximize the therapeutic results of fitness and exercise.

  • Guide you to truly understand and utilize your body's innate healing potential. 

Dynamic Medicine 

How to use dynamic (homeopathic) remedies through a completely tutored course.

"Don't know what to take and when? Do you want someone to make sure you never feel like that again? I'll personally take you through the course material, and we'll explore natural medicine together inside-out.

We'll go through:

  • Preventing and treating trauma (ex: pre-surgery, dental work, accidents, grief/loss, etc).

  •  Recovering from infectious diseases (what steps you can take using natural medicine).

  • Supporting detoxification and cleansing (including from pharmaceuticals & vax*ines).

  • Treating acute conditions (fevers, headaches, digestive distress, rashes, pain, exhaustion, stress, etc).

Therapeutic Education

To eliminate fears and false beliefs, while mastering the energetic dynamics
of your mind and body.

"Your mind and your body might be disconnected. Through Therapeutic Education, we'll take a look at your past, present and future and create new pathways for you."

Together, we'll help you see that:

  • Neither your past history nor your genetics should determine your future. 
  • Sometimes, your healthy personality is simply out of balance. You're not "broken", you're just not being fully and wholly YOU.
  • Stress and anxiety is often caused by allowing too much of the outer world in. This can create states of fears and false beliefs; let's identify them. Consciousness leads to Love and Truth.
  • Your ARE your body, and you're missing many messages from yourself! Let's learn a new language, the messages from the body.

Ready for a NEW and unique health transformation experience? 

Our unique 1:1 Experience will include:

Our unique 1:1 Experience will include:

I know I need this.

Mentorship & Treatment

  • Monthly 90-minute one-on-one sessions + weekly email check-ins & personal mentorship.
  • CIEM Bioresonance Technology analysis & report (details below) & regular scans.
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Bonuses & Customization

  • Admission to group Study Hall (app) plus lifetime access to all course updates.
  • Customization of Apprentice course materials - completely mentored.
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I include a CIEM Bioresonance Technology Report & step-by-step Plan.
(a $200 value)
This includes a multi-page information review of:
  • Your Energy Field’s Overall Focus & Shadow Side
  • Most Important Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Themes and recommended Remedies
  • A Glimpse Into Your Life Path

This is going to be a game changer for you.

I’m going to teach you how to heal yourself, wholly.

Through this work, you will:

  • Gain confident, Practitioner-level, knowledge in alternative health.
  • Connect to your higher physical, mental and emotional self.
  • Be able to make empowered, confident and conscious choices.

This work will have resounding effects on your entire life.

You'll watch the ripple effects occur on your health, your relationships, your career and your spiritual path.

If you've been praying for a sign and waiting for someone to say "Come with me. I've got you! Let's get you PRIMED with everlasting natural health knowledge so that you can LOVE your body, your mind and your life again - the Dynamis Transformis is IT.

Let's transform your diet, lifestyle, medicine cabinet and even more powerfully, your thoughts!

What people are saying:

L. Martin, Rockwood ON

“This course has changed and nurtured me in indescribable ways.  It has become a journey of continuous learning and awakening.  A journey of witnessing beautiful life changing rippling effects for myself and those whom I love and care about.  Universal shifts through education are an extraordinary event to be witness to.”

E. Green, UK

"Natalie has taught me how to achieve optimal health and wellbeing and helped me to join the dots between my mind, body and outside influences. Following Natalie’s recommendations, I began to realize that truly anything is possible in my life. And, this came at a time when I wasn’t even aware I had limitations! I now sleep better, dream bigger and live my life fully. I always feel so much lighter after our meetings, as if my mind has cleared, and I am empowered to move on with the next step in my journey."

Join & Get Access to:

Our unique 1:1 Experience will include:

Eat Dynamically Video Course & Workbook

By learning to read food energetics and truly understanding how your metabolism works, you'll stop stressing about diet and know exactly what to eat to heal yourself.

More info on Dynamic Nutrition

The Complete Dynamis Apprentice Masterclass Series

A certificate course with powerful educational modules, video trainings & workbooks - all designed to help you make confident natural health decisions.

More info on Dynamis Apprentice

Access to  Inner Piece Audio Series & Workbook

Learn the "inner piece" to inner peace! Return to the present, look inside and find the awareness that your soul holds the key to emotional

More info on Inner Piece

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